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Reading at Home

Reading at Home

Reading with Your Child

  • Make reading a time of pleasure for you both
  • Start sharing books even before your child knows which way to hold a book
  • Let them re read their favourite books and stories
  • Praise your child’s efforts
  • Read books your child loves and don’t set up reading as a test
  • Focus on the things which are right, not on the mistakes
  • Keep reading to older children, even after they’ve learned to read independently, this supports them to develop deeper comprehension and expression
  • Stop when they have had enough – reading is not a punishment
  • Read yourself to show your child that you also value reading
  • Visit the local library
  • Find out how phonics helps children get underway with reading with these videos from ReadWriteInc.

A useful website to use is the Oxford Owl where you can download over 250 FREE ebooks to enjoy with your child.

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