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Safer Internet Guidance

For Parents

The internet is a fantastic tool, but it is important that our children are able to use it safely. The links on this page offer excellent advice on how to make sure that your child is accessing the internet as safely as possible.

Vodaphone Digital Parenting contains a wealth of advice for parents on topics from Parent controls to how to help your child to spot fake news online.

The Parents Guide to Pokemon Go gives some fantastic advice on the Pokemon Go game which is still incredibly popular. Please note that all children playing the game should be 13 or over.

Online Safety and Minecraft. Minecraft remains a very popular game with children at our school, but does your child know how to stay safe whilst playing? 

Lucy and the Boy – Be Share Aware

I saw your willy – NSPCC

For Children

There are lots of sites on the internet with games and information about staying safe on the internet. Here are a few of the best!

CBBC Stay Safe

The ultimate internet survival guide with all the tips and tricks you’ll need to stay safe online, beat the cyber-bullies and become a super-surfer.






This site has great advice for parents and teachers as well as kids of all ages on how to stay safe, straight from the experts at CEOPS.





Safe Online Surfing

This site is from the US, and contains lots of games aimed at lots of year groups. Just click on your year group and go!





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