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Children in the Nursery do not need to wear uniform. Please dress your child in clothes which are easy to remove. We encourage children to be independent in using the toilet and taking coats and shoes on and off. We provide aprons for art and craft activities to protect clothing. Please avoid dressing your child in their best clothes; we want children to participate fully in the Nursery activities and this may involve getting messy at times. Children will play and learn outside and will need a warm coat and comfortable shoes in which they can run and climb safely.

We have a school uniform for the Primary School. We know that uniform helps children to identify as a member of the school community and encourages pride and a tidy appearance. Parents are encouraged to purchase school uniform for their children. Parents are asked to select clothing from the list according to their preference and the season.


  • Black or grey skirts, trousers or pinafore dresses, blue and white gingham summer dresses, white or light blue polo shirts, royal blue sweatshirts or cardigans with school logo, sensible flat and comfortable shoes (black or brown)


  • Black or grey trousers or shorts, white or light blue polo shirts, royal blue sweatshirt with school logo, sensible flat and comfortable shoes (black or brown)
  • Sun hats
  • Warm hats and gloves
  • Black shorts for PE
  • White t-shirt for PE
  • Pumps with elastic top or velcro fastening

From September 2015 all items of school uniform can only be purchased from Stevensons in the Market Place in Reading.   You will be able to purchase from the shop, or order online.  Postage of uniform will cost £2.75 in addition to the uniform cost but you can ‘click and collect’ from the shop.

From the 14th July 2015 the Stevenson’s web site ( will show the school sweatshirts, polo shirts and school book bags with the school logo.  Other items in the school colours will also be available but can be purchased from other retailers.


ALL children need a PE kit kept at school in a named PE bag.
For PE children will need a pair of black shorts, a white T-shirt and pumps.
All children will be provided with a free PE bag when they join us – replacement PE bags may be purchased from Stevensons. Please ensure this is marked with your child’s name. Children with long hair need to have their hair tied back. Children could have PE on any day of the week. Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school at all times. We suggest bringing to school on a Monday and taking home on a Friday for washing. It is not safe to do PE activities wearing jewellery.

Children need a warm coat and flat comfortable shoes for outdoor play during morning playtime and at lunchtime.

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